Fixing an Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Services

Air-conditioning services are crucial to every commercial space because of the sheer number of harmful particles floating in the air.


Whether your air-conditioning unit is a large or small one, our comprehensive range of services are designed to ensure that your air-conditioning unit operates at peak efficiency, providing you and your employees better air quality and a safer work environment.

Let’s start improving your air quality

An air conditioning system that has not been serviced on a regular basis is a problem that can have a negative impact on the condition of your office. Harmful bacteria can become trapped within your air conditioning unit, causing allergic reactions and other respiratory issues over time.

Regular air conditioning services help to effectively clean out bacteria, dirt, dust and other pollutants clogged in your air conditioning unit. 

Besides, an efficient air conditioning unit is essential in keeping employees cool and comfortable at all times, and regular servicing will help to ensure that your unit remains in good working order for a longer period of time while providing nice-smelling fresh air.

This reduces the chances of a major breakdown and helps you to save costs on maintenance and replacement in the long run. Optimal air conditioning performance also means better energy efficiency, lower utility bills as well as safer and greener practices for the environment. 

Benefits of regular air conditioning services

  • Improve the cooling efficiency of your air conditioning unit

  • Lower power consumption and maintenance costs to help you save on expenses

  • Resolve minor issues before they lead to a major breakdown

  • Avoid the hassle of having to maintain your air conditioning unit yourself

  • Prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning unit

  • Provide cleaner and healthier air to your office

At LUKIS, our mission is to provide high-quality air conditioning services and professional office cleaning services in Singapore at a reasonable rate, to help businesses keep their premises clean, ensuring that air quality is at an optimum level, while allowing businesses to focus on their most important work. 


Integrated Office Cleaning Solutions

LUKIS offers a broad spectrum of office cleaning services, specialising in creating an ideal and safe working environment for businesses across Singapore.

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