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Visitors to any commercial space must be assured that they are visiting and working in clean, safe, and sanitary environments. Dirt, dust, and harmful particles may not always be visible to the naked eye, which is why commercial cleaning services such as facility cleaning and building cleaning services are essential for your business.


Facility cleaning and building cleaning are commercial cleaning services that aim to cover all grounds and assist in keeping your premises hygienic and safe for all users, aesthetically pleasing to all stakeholders

Importance of Maintaining Facility Cleanliness

Maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial space is key to projecting a professional and pleasant image of your business. Whether it's an office building or a shopping mall, having clean and sanitary surroundings is necessary to ensure the health and morale of your employees, as well as leave a decent impression on your visitors.

Commercial spaces see a high volume of visitors and employees, making them an ideal environment for diseases, viruses, and germs to spread. This can lead to serious health problems and have a negative impact on your business.

However, keeping your premises clean by hiring your own cleaners can be time-consuming, which is why we offer facility and building cleaning services to relieve you of the burden.

Trained specialist & comprehensive cleaning 

A simple wipedown or cleaning of floor surfaces will not be enough to keep these areas clean. You may be unaware of many difficult-to-reach areas and corners in your commercial space. Our cleaning specialists have been trained to handle the cleaning for you in order to achieve optimal cleanliness down to every smallest corner.

LUKIS’s cleaning specialists are trained to professionally handle cleaning in various commercial premises to keep public and private spaces sanitary.


All our employees are strictly tasked to follow standard operating procedures and perform according to NEA’s guidelines to ensure that they keep themselves and all clients safe.

Cleaning Vehicle

Integrated Office Cleaning Solutions

LUKIS offers a broad spectrum of office cleaning services, specialising in creating an ideal and safe working environment for businesses across Singapore.

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