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Experience an exclusive discount on our general pest control service when you opt for our regular cleaning services (terms apply)

Regular Cleaning Service

If the service starts mid-month, the rates will be pro-rated accordingly. This ensures you’re billed only for the days when services are rendered.

For services commencing mid-month, the first invoice will be issued at the start of the service. This invoice will be pro-rated for the incomplete month and comes with a 30-day credit term. Subsequent invoices for regular commercial cleaning services will be issued within each respective service month.

Payment for each month’s cleaning services is due by the last day of the respective service month. You can make the payment via bank transfer or by cheque. Please address the cheque to ‘Lukis Pte Ltd’ and mail it to our company’s address.

In the event the designated cleaner is unable to attend to the cleaning duties due to sickness or leave, Lukis Pte Ltd will arrange for a replacement cleaner to ensure the continuity of service and to uphold our cleaning standards.

Yes, you can. At Lukis, we believe in flexibility for our clients. Should you wish to terminate the service contract, all that is required is a notice period of 30 days. This allows both parties to manage the transition efficiently.

Absolutely. We offer a convenient option for clients to entrust us with the supply and management of cleaning tools and products. This includes regular inventory checks, timely restocking, and prompt replacement or repair as needed. This service, available at a fixed cost, is completely optional and can be decided upon at the start of the service agreement. It’s one more way we tailor our services to suit your unique needs.

Yes, after our cleaners complete their training and probation period, they will be assigned as the fixed designated cleaner for your location. This process is designed to ensure consistency and quality in the service you receive.

Yes, indeed. We assign a designated operations team and a business account manager to each of our clients. They are your direct points of contact for addressing any feedback or queries you might have throughout the service period with Lukis. This streamlined approach ensures an efficient and responsive communication process for all our clients.

The company excludes all cleaning duties in areas where the height exceeds 2 meters or is considered physically unsafe for our cleaners.

The company excludes the cleaning of interior cabinets or shelves unless the customer has emptied them prior to the start of the service.

The company excludes any cleaning related to post-renovation works, such as removing paint, cement spillage stains, etc.

The company excludes the disposal of bulky items, pallets, and bulky carton boxes, as well as any items that are not accepted by the customer’s building central bins.

Disinfection Treatment

To ensure effective disinfection treatment, please adhere to the following precautions and preparations:

  • External personnel are not allowed to be present during the disinfection treatment.
  • Ensure full access of the premises for the disinfection operators to conduct the disinfection treatment.
  • Put all food items, raw materials, processed food items, and utensils in protected compartments.
  • Please cover all food appliances or paper items with a plastic sheet.
  • Please cover fish tanks and paintings (if any).
  • Ensure all sensitive electronic devices are covered.
  • Clean all food preparation surfaces and appliances before usage after the disinfection treatment.

It is recommended to vacate the premises for 1-3 hours after the disinfection treatment has been conducted.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our goal is to provide you with the best stain removal results possible. In most cases, stains will be significantly improved or completely eliminated. However, some stains may leave residual discoloration or slight traces even after treatment. Our experienced cleaners will utilize advanced techniques and professional-grade products to minimize the appearance of these stains.

The customer is responsible for moving any bulky items, furniture, pallets, or bulky carton boxes that may obstruct or hinder the cleaning process. Please ensure these items are relocated or removed from the areas that require cleaning to ensure efficient service delivery.

It is recommended that your co-worker avoids working in the office during the carpet cleaning process. The moisture from the cleaning and the potential noise may cause disruptions and inconvenience. It is best to schedule the carpet cleaning at a time when the office can be vacated or plan alternative arrangements for work during that period.

General Pest Control

Yes, it is safe for your co-workers during and after the general pest control treatment. The company and its affiliated pest control specialists follow the guidelines set by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved. 

Yes, your co-worker can remain in the premises during the pest control service. Our technicians are trained to carry out the treatment while minimizing any disruptions to your business operations. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient service without causing significant interference to your work environment.




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