High Dusting Services

High dusting is a cleaning service provided by many commercial cleaning companies. It is the process of cleaning places that are difficult to access, often more than 4 metres high and sometimes in nooks and crannies that are harder to reach. These areas include air vents, ducts, high ceilings and pipes, which are all common places for dust and dirt to accumulate. 

Why are high dusting services important?

Places that are hard to access require regular high dusting because dirt and dust accumulate the easiest in these areas. When such spaces are not properly cleaned regularly, the dirt and grime stuck there can harbour harmful pollutants, germs and bacteria that will affect the indoor air quality. Poor air quality and an unsanitary environment causes respiratory issues, allergy reactions and other adverse health effects.

When left dirty and unchecked, vents and ducts will gradually lose their efficiency, disrupting the right flow of air and consuming more energy. High dusting not only cleans the clogged vents and ducts, but also sanitises the area so that there will be no manifestation of dirt and germs. 

A professional cleaning service will have the appropriate tools and personnel to handle the cleaning of your premises without causing much disruption or damage to your space. If you own an indoor space, you should regularly hire a commercial high dusting cleaning service every three to six months to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. 

High dusting versus regular dusting

​Regular cleaning and dusting services are not as thorough as high dusting and can only be conducted in low lying areas we can easily reach. High dusting, on the other hand, is a comprehensive commercial cleaning service that helps to keep every corner of your commercial space clean, even those areas that are not usually accessible. These difficult to access areas are also a part of your interior space and their cleanliness will also affect how clean your interior space is. 


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