Importance of Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

A significant amount of effort, time and funds goes into planning and renovating an office, so having them looking at their best when completed is paramount.

However, it is not just the aesthetics of the office that is the only significant factor. Post-renovation debris and dust can be harmful to the health of your office staff. The residue left after renovation is hard to remove, and it requires specialised equipment, products and expertise.

Despite the best effort of the renovation contractor, the renovation debris and dust will still make its way into office ductwork. As shown in various research, this debris and dust could cause exacerbate lung conditions such as asthma. Additionally, materials that contain fibres, such as fibreglass composite materials, can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract when dispersed in the air. If left untreated or solved, these could significantly impact all of your employee's health.

For all these reasons, a renovation contractor usually relies on professionals office cleaning company that offer post-renovation office cleaning services. Post-renovation office cleaning professionals will scope the job properly and use the required equipment and products, which typical freelance office cleaner may not have on hand. This equipment and products eradicate the dirt and residue and provide a safe and clean environment for your employees.

What to expect from a professional office cleaning company:

Office exterior cleaning requirements
Depending on the extent of the renovation project, exterior cleaning services may be required. Walkways, entryways and common areas are the first things your visitors will notice. Sweeping, washing and wipe downs of all exterior fixtures are essential for creating a great first impression.

Office Interior cleaning requirements
Renovation dust and debris may hide in many unknown or less noticeable places. It is essential to find these areas to and restore carpets, floors, windows and other surface areas through thorough and detailed cleaning procedures.
High-level dusting

  • Cleaning and sanitizing air diffusers and ducts, light fixtures, restroom fixtures, windows and fittings, walls and hard-surface areas

  • Vacuuming and full restoration cleaning of carpets

  • New hard-floor finishing or pre-existing floor refinishing

  • Removal of debris and hazardous materials

Whether an organisation is considering an office renovation or is in the middle of one, post-renovation office cleaning should be a key project consideration. Post-renovation office cleaning companies will work with the renovation contractor to keep the job site clean throughout the renovation process, or, depending on the extent of the project, they can come in when the trades have completed their work. Renovation projects can shut down an office or other commercial space for weeks or months at a time, which can negatively impact the business. A professional office cleaning will make a space spotless and improve indoor air quality for employees, tenants and customers as quickly as possible to prevent any further disruption to the operation of a company.