Introduction to LUKIS

To us, we are not merely providing cleaning services by assigning cleaner(s) to serve our clients, but we are providing trusted services and memorable experience for our clients.

LUKIS: Accreditation and Features

Provide potential clients with the information of LUKIS accreditation and other features to assure our ability to deliver quality services

A Comprehensive Guide to Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is among the workplace tasks in Singapore we often take for granted. Yet, it holds many benefits. Read this guide about proper office cleaning.

The Importance of Regular Office Cleaning

LUKIS is a leading office cleaning company in Singapore that offers various services. Learn the importance of office cleaning in this article.

2 Easy Method to Clean Your Carpet

Cleaning your office carpet is necessary to rid of germs, dust buildup and foul room odour. Learn these two easy carpet cleaning tips from LUKIS Singapore. 

5 reasons: Part time vs Full Time Cleaner

When hiring the services of an office cleaner in Singapore, one dilemma is whether to choose a part time or a full time service. Read this article to find out.

Top Six Benefit of Professional Office Cleaning Service

Getting professional office cleaning services in Singapore will give you a lot of benefits. Interested to know more about these benefits? See this article.

The Next Wave of Green Cleaning

Many businesses and cleaning companies are seeing the benefit of green cleaning and using eco-friendly products

Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks which your employees can do regularly to maintain the condition of their office and work environment.

Why Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Company?

"Why engage in a professional cleaning company when I can get a freelance cleaner at a cheaper rate?" That would be the first question that comes to many office management's minds.

The Importance of Public Liability Insurance & Work Injury Compensation

Many might think accidents only happen if somebody is careless and that if you are diligent and conscientious, accidents won’t happen. Sadly though, the nature of accidents is that we have no control over when, how or why they occur.

Reduce Workplace Absences With A Sanitary Environment

The "Flu Bug" is probably the most common cause of staff absentee and the one term that strikes the most fear in managers. To restrict the "Flu Bug" from spreading employees have to work together, and to understand the importance of a sanitized and clean office environment.

3 Easy Steps to Reduce The Risk of Cross - Contamination

Germs and viruses cannot be avoided, but offices must be especially vigilant in controlling them – and if the proper steps are not taken to mitigate it, cross-contamination in offices and other commercial settings can put staff and clients at increased risk. 

Importance of Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

it is not just the aesthetics of the office that is the only significant factor. Post-renovation debris and dust can be harmful to the health of your office staff. The residue left after renovation is hard to remove, and it requires specialized equipment, products and expertise.

Green Cleaning Product & Services - There Is No Excuse

The growing demand for green cleaning products and services has led to much competitive pricing, so there is no excuse anymore, as green cleaning products and services are quite comparable to traditional ones now.

Benefit of Office Cleaning Company (Part 1)

Some company may wonder why do they have to outsource their office cleaning requirements to an office cleaning services provider and not employ an office cleaner directly to save on the cost. 

How to Clean a Fabric Office Chair

When you think about it, you spend an awful lot of time sitting in your office chair at your desk. It is essential that you are comfortable. That means having an office chair that fits you properly goes with your décor and is clean and fresh-smelling.

Cleanliness Tips on Sharing Office

Sharing an office with other people is not an easy task when you are more sensitive towards cleanliness, especially with those who don’t appear to bothered by clutter and office hygiene.

Cleaning Guide For Office Floors

Heavy traffic during your business peak session is excellent for socializing and networking to expand your business. However, the downside of heavy traffic in your office can affect the condition of your office floors. 

Clutter Affect Your Brain and Your Work

You may conceive you’re not bothered by your messy office filing cabinets or the stacks of paper on your office desk. But scientists show that our brains are gratified by order, and that constant visual reminders of disorganize environment drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus.

Reducing Harmful Chemicals in Office Cleaning

People are more aware of the threats posed by these office cleaning products; more and more companies are seeking to reduce the use of these chemicals in their office cleaning practices.

How to Give Office Bathrooms A Professional Clean

Cleaning office bathrooms is a task which most companies choose to leave to the professionals. However, office washroom cleaning doesn’t have to be a complicated or unpleasant task.

How To Get Rid Of Dust In Your Office 

Anyone who is suffering from allergies can tell you: they’re for real. And the allergens inside the office, like molds, office dust and dust mites can be just as intense as outdoor triggers like pollen. To help allergy-proof your office, prevent dust and reduce the symptoms of hay fever and allergic asthma, We recommend a weekly office cleaning routine.

How Office Cleaning Affect Productivity

While most of the time businesses tends to focus on quantifiable metrics such as revenue and expenditures. Whereas, neglecting the intangible aspect of a business such employee morals, healthy work environment and workplace productivity. 

Things to Look Out When Engaging A Good Office Cleaning Company 

When looking for office cleaning services, it is essential to identify these factors before you employ an office cleaning company that suit you best. 

The Physical Office And The Environment Have A Significant Effect On How We Work. 

You may think that you are not bothered with the overstuffed filing cabinets or the stack of unorganized paper on your desk. But research has showed that our brain like order, and that constant visual of disorganization and messed drain our cognitive and ability to focus on our task on hand. 

Benefits Of Engaging A Professional Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

By providing a well-organised and clean office environment also offer a sense of credibility and responsible notion to your potential client and the company brand.

Impacts Of An Office Environment Cleanliness 

Cleanliness is key in a workplace but what effects does it have on us directly or indirectly?

Harmful Airborne Contaminants That Lurks In The Offices

Many research have proven in many ways, that pollution from indoor might even be higher than outdoor. Just because we can’t taste, smell or see it, does not mean pollution is not present indoor. 

UV Light For Disinfection

Given the current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak, most people would stream into the electrical appliances store to get a UV (Ultraviolet) device to sterilize your home, or even your workplace. 

Why Should Office Cleaners Be Outsourced? 

In the twentieth century, more and more organizations are moving to contract their standard business functions to be handled by a third party. By outsourcing non-core and administrative functions, organizations can reallocate time and resources to core competencies in the company, thus focusing on topics that matters most.

The Office Environment: It Is Not As Safe As We Think

Employees with poor hygiene practice coupled with frequent human contact, can pass on germs that will eventually be brought directly or indirectly into your workspace.

Understanding Your Cleaning Supplies 

Most of us who visits the supermarket to grab cleaning supplies, usually do not study the contents nor the directions at times. 

Are Your Carpets A Potential Threat to Our Health?

Other than its aesthetic properties, carpets are also known for their practical use in trapping dirt, and they are widely used in entrances to offices, malls and residential units.

Common Illnesses that spread easily in a workplace

This can be a great hazard to other colleagues who shares the same office. The spread of these illnesses in workplaces, can be caused by airborne pathogens and viruses that are being circulated internally within confined spaces.

Cleanliness in the era of pandemics

It has been a year and it is certain that COVID-19 is here to stay, at least for a while longer. COVID-19 changed the world in many ways.

What can be within our office carpet?

Most of us goes on in our everyday work life, not knowing there is a habitat of bugs living right underneath our nose, even under the same roof!

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