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Medical Facilities Cleaning

Typical commercial cleaning services deal with spaces such as schools, offices, banks, retail stores and more. These services help to remove dirt, debris and grime from high traffic areas to keep them clean and comfortable for public use. 


Similarly, medical facility cleaning requires equal emphasis, if not more, on the facility's hygiene. A clinic’s hygiene portrays professionalism and gives assurance to patients of the standards it upholds.

Why Engage Professional Cleaning Services for Your Medical Facilities?

Engaging cleaning specialists trained to clean medical facilities can help you to do just that while also ensuring that your working area is safe for patients and staff alike, effectively sanitising common areas and hard-to-reach corners to prevent spread of bacteria, germs, viruses and other contaminants.

Viruses, bacteria and germs can spread very easily and harm both employees and visitors in a medical facility. Engaging professional cleaning services can aid in keeping your space clean and sanitary for everyone in the clinic and even keep your space looking fresh and modern. 


A clean and sanitary clinic also portrays professionalism, earning trust from your patients and visitors.

Why Lukis?

LUKIS’s cleaning specialists have been professionally trained to handle disinfection and cleaning in medical facilities, as well as provide preventive disinfection services. We ensure that all employees follow standard operating procedures and perform according to NEA’s guidelines in order to keep our employees and clients safe.

Complete Disinfectant Solution

The broad-spectrum efficacy of our disinfectant solutions used in our cleaning services has been independently proven to work against over 100 strains of viruses, 22 viral families, 400 strains of bacteria and 60 strains of fungi. Some of them include the Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease and COVID-19. 

Thorough Disinfecting Wipe Down

The best way to ensure your premises are always clean is by hiring the right professionals. We will spray disinfectant on high-contact surfaces, getting rid of viruses and organic matter that could be left behind, ensuring a thorough wipe down has been done.

Personalized cleaning programs to your needs

Devise an effective and non-disruptive clinic cleaning with our personalised cleaning programs, providing flexible monthly, weekly, or daily clinic cleaning services. Cleaning tasks can also be tailored to suit your cleaning needs. Simply let us know your requirements!

Our clinic cleaning services includes:

  • Vacuuming and mopping of flooring 

  • Wiping of windows and glass partition 

  • Wiping of work stations and office furniture's

  • Wiping of cabinet exterior 

  • Wiping of telephone and counters

  • Maintaining cleanliness of pantry 

  • Maintaining cleanliness of toilets

  • Clearing of rubbish and trash 

Integrated Office Cleaning Solutions

LUKIS offers a broad spectrum of office cleaning services, specialising in creating an ideal and safe working environment for businesses across Singapore.

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