How Office Cleaning Affect Productivity

While most of the time businesses tends to focus on quantifiable metrics such as revenue and expenditures. Whereas, neglecting the intangible aspect of a business such employee morals, healthy work environment and workplace productivity. Today we will be showing you that the physical facilities of your office is paramount in creating a happy, healthy and positive work environment which will have long-term benefits for your business.   

Healthy office environment to protect your employees.

A clutter and a messy office tend to become a breeding ground for potentially harmful microorganism that may cause significant impacts on the employees overall health. Many researches have shown that the office keyboards and other commonly used office tools contain 3 – 4 times more potentially harmful microorganisms than a average used office toilet seats, primarily due to people eating lunch on their work stations and poor personal and overall hygiene procedure practice in the office.

The growth of these harmful microorganisms is not only putting the person working at the office workstation at risk but has also indirectly decrease the productivity of the office employees. 

Clean and organize office environment increase focus and productivity.

Decluttering the mess in the office often is the key in obtaining clarity and focus when conducting businesses. As a messy office often impact one’s attention and effectiveness. In short, a clean office gives you lesser distractions and allows your employees to work more productively.

The look and feel of an office can affect company culture and retention

The physical office environment plays a significant role in attracting and retaining both clients and employees. We see many MNC heavily invest in their office environment as a core part of their hiring and retention strategy. The evidence for having a messy and unhygienic office environment is also appears to have negative impact on the employee state of mind and wellbeing.

Reducing long-term wear and tear and refurbishment cost

From our experience, we see offices that are well-maintained usually end up lowering costs in the long run. Carpeted office flooring that are not well serviced and clean, typically need replacements in less than five years costing thousands of dollars or more in replacing them. It would be substantially cheaper if they engaged a reliable service provider for periodic quarterly carpet care services.