The Importance of Public Liability Insurance & Work Injury Compensation

LUKIS always believes in providing peace of mind to our office cleaners and clients. Accidents do happen, and claims may arise. Thus, by ensuring that all parties are covered by our company's insurance coverage of up to S$1,000,000 and workman compensation, our clients know that they are always protected even if something goes wrong.

Many cleaning services companies are not willing to purchase public liability insurance, as it is not a legal obligation, and it will incur additional cost to the company. However, it can be crucial to both the office cleaners and the clients, as it provides compensation for damage or injury caused to our clients or the general public results from our work.

Many might think accidents only happen if somebody is careless and that if you are diligent and conscientious, accidents won’t happen. Sadly though, the nature of accidents is that we have no control over when, how or why they occur. As a professional office cleaning company, we are entrusted with the keys to someone’s office and entrusted with the responsibility to ensure the cleanliness to create a conducive environment. So it is worth to check if the cleaning services company have an existing public liability insurance policy before entrusting your property to them.