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Introduction to LUKIS

Since the establishment of Lukis Cleaning Services, our focus is to provide you with the highest quality office cleaning services in Singapore. We have been trusted and serving numerous clients in Singapore from multinational corporations (MNCs) to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To us, we are not merely providing cleaning services by assigning office cleaner(s) to serve our clients, but we are providing trusted services and memorable experience for our clients. Our focus is not just ensuring that our clients have a clean working environment, but also enhancing their working experience through the improvement of every worker's health and well-being. Our main goal is to ensure that every company we work with can have peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness and the hygiene of the company.


Apart from having a pool of dedicated office cleaners which can be dispatched to your office at a moments notice. Our office cleaners are also thoroughly trained by both in-house and on-the-job training programs developed by our training & development team. These trainings aim to ensure that our office cleaners are always equipped with the latest knowledge, skills and tools in the industry to provide you with the highest standard of service possible in the market.


Furthermore, our dedicated team of 24/7 customer service officers and supervisors are ready to address and resolve any concerns that you may face in your day-to-day office operations.


Lukis Cleaning Services believe in providing equal opportunities to people with disability. As such, Lukis Cleaning Services have been working actively with many communities by providing our clients with the opportunity to give back to society. Companies can agree to give people with disability a chance to work in their companies, which not only offers people with disabilities an opportunity to integrate back to society but also empowering them to be a role model for their fellow friends with disabilities.


We are committed to create an environment that enables all our staff in achieving their fullest potential. Through our training programmes and on-the-job support, we can discover the potential of our team and aim to allow all our staff in delivering the quality service we promise our client with dignity and proficiency.

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