Office Desk Window

The Office Environment: It Is Not As Safe As We Think

Areas where human traffic are constant can give germs the perfect conditions to grow and flourish. Workplaces are one of the examples. Employees with poor hygiene practice coupled with frequent human contact, can pass on germs that will eventually be brought directly or indirectly into your workspace. The proximity of these germs could even be on your work desk unknowingly. Unless you carry a UV light to work daily, these germs are almost undetectable through the naked eye. Areas that harbours these potential threats, are sometimes right under your nose.

Door handles

Everyone uses it to get around your office and it is a hotspot for bacteria growth. Viruses that can last for hours or even days on end, can be transferred to a host by touching the surface of the door handle. In turn, the exposure to human orifices can cause harmful infections.


It is a jaw-dropping 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. An average of 21,000 germs per square inch! Recent studies also show men’s desk tends to harbour more germs than women. Think about the places you have visited and all the objects you have touched, before finally stepping into office and settling on your desk. Time to reflect on your hygiene practice, and to have your meals somewhere far from the desktop.

Keyboard and computer mice

One of the most used devices on your desktop. Over 4000 germs that is also found on the keyboard are usually found on our skin and orifices as well. Likelihood, it would have come directly from the user.  Take precaution against sharing keyboards as transmission of bacteria from one user could be easily passed onto you.

Desk phone

Who could tell an ordinary desk phone can harbour a staggering 25,000 germs per square inch, even higher than a desktop? It could be the filthiest device you ever had on your desktop. When was the last time you thoroughly sanitized your desk phone?

Despite being surrounded by bacteria, not all of them will make you sick. Washing your hands before and after using these device helps to rid any microbes that is hanging around your fingers. Maintaining a good hygiene in office is not only your personal responsibility, it is best observed by all employees to keep everyone safe. Most of the times, many companies would require the expertise of a professional office cleaning company to conduct regular office cleaning services so to upkeep and ensure the hygiene standard of the office.