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What can be within our office carpet?

Most of us goes on in our everyday work life, not knowing there is a habitat of bugs living right underneath our nose, even under the same roof! It is unexpected and unless you are on all fours everyday armed with a magnifying glass, you’d most probably missed them. Its’ habitat is right underneath your feet – the carpet.

Carpet bugs can be found worldwide, and it is an infestation that needs to be dealt with before the infestation get serious. The bugs feed in dark undisturbed locations, mainly on carpets made by natural animal hair. Under normal condition, the larval stage of the infestation may causes the most damage. Whereas, the adult beetle only seeks out pollen and nectar.


The larvae will eat the nap from the fabric’s surface, exposing threads from beneath. They can also bore holes right through your carpet, causing irreparable damage. Furthermore, they may even find their way into your closets and cabinets, destroying your expensive apparels. Some tell-tale signs to know carpet beetles are around, are its’ brown shell-like and bristly-looking cast. 

Apart from causing harm to fabric, it can also cause irritation to our skin. Spiky hairs that look like bristles, can penetrate into our skin and cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, causing red bite-like welts which can be uncomfortable.

Considering these larvae are hard to spot, it is best to engage the professionals to deal with the menace. The procedure recommended should be conducting pest control services to fully eradicate the threat, followed by a few weeks to monitor the situation. Only when the carpet has been cured of carpet beetle larvae, carpet cleaning services can follow suit to clean whatever is left.

It is paramount to keep the office clean and hygienic at all times to mitigate the chance of an outbreak and infestation. Thus, we would suggest in consulting or engaging a professional office cleaning company that may offer you a wide range of services to ensure the cleanliness standards of your office.