Cleaning with a Mop

Why Should Office Cleaners Be Outsourced? 

In the twentieth century, more and more organizations are moving to contract their standard business functions to be handled by a third party. By outsourcing non-core and administrative functions, organizations can reallocate time and resources to core competencies in the company, thus focusing on topics that matters most.

On top of the processes that brings in the profit for the business, administrative function like general office cleaning services are often overlooked and undermined. Utilizing employees to do office cleaning is not only unproductive, it is also a distraction to what they are being paid to do. Therefore, it is important for organizations to understand the man hours needed to do such an administrative task and the to consider the potential benefits on reallocating resources to focus on growth. 

Here are other reasons why other companies are outsourcing their office cleaning to a professional workplace management company:


Professional office cleaning companies take cares of the hiring process of the cleaners, down to the remuneration and benefits. This will not be reflected as a headcount under the customer’s organization. Keeping the Human Resources free from headache on hiring, arranging benefits and even to documentation if it is a foreigner.

Trained personnel

Having to train your office cleaners from start could be tedious and time-consuming. This, is well taken care of by the professional cleaning companies. They are trained and taught what to use for different cleaning tasks.


Professional office cleaning companies do have a collaboration with a select group of companies offering them supplies at a lower cost. Not to mention insurance and medical cost may also be provided by the cleaning companies, customers no longer need to bear these unnecessities. Therefore, cost-saving is transferred back to the customers.

Inventory Cost & Space 

Cleaning supplies and equipment are the top priority for cleaning companies alike. They usually have a warehouse to store all their paraphernalia and customers are once again, free from cluttering.

Insurance coverage
Professional cleaning companies do have their cleaners covered with insurance on work injury. Free-lance cleaners who takes up placement in organizations directly are not covered. 

Tailor-made solutions

All workplaces are unique and procedures in keeping them clean are different from place to place. This is where experience is needed most and professional cleaning companies can offer advises and steps in keeping your workplace clean and tidy.