Pest Control Services

Pest control services are used to eliminate harmful pests that can carry diseases that are harmful to human health. A pest control company will first assess the level and type of infestation in your office before deciding on a pest-removal strategy.

To minimize disruption to your daily operations, our pest control services employ odorless treatments that are placed unobtrusively.

Pest infestation in offices

Due to multiple entry points and high traffic flow, offices and commercial spaces are at a high risk of pest infestation. As employees and visitors travel to different locations, the risk of cross contamination increases when pests and dirt are transported from one location to another.

Large commercial spaces have tiny nooks and crevices where pests can hide; LUKIS provides pest control services in Singapore to effectively eliminate pests in your workplace.

Our specialists are trained and well-equipped with pest knowledge such as their classification and behaviour. We provide targeted solutions, where we look for conditions that invite pests, tackle current infestations and stop their life cycle to prevent future invasions.

Without a proper management system, pest infestation can cause a huge problem to your office space. Some of these activities can contribute to pest infestation:

Having meals or snacking at work stations

Not cleaning up food debris and spills

Throwing food and food packaging in bins near the desk

Having meals or snacking at work stations

Not cleaning up food debris and spills

Throwing food and food packaging in bins near the desk

Zero disruption to your operations

Our pest control services are designed to be the safest and most convenient for you. To keep our employees and clients safe, we ensure that all our operators follow standard operating procedures and perform in accordance with NEA guidelines.

All chemicals used in our pest control services are odorless and colorless. Our pest control specialists carefully spread the treatment across infested areas to remove all pests even in hard-to-reach places. In order to minimize the disruption caused to your business, all procedures are reviewed frequently to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


Importance of pest control

Pest control services in Singapore are essential because pests such as rodents, bed bugs, and other insects carry diseases, viruses and bacteria that can significantly affect human health. 

Pests can cause a range of issues in people such as skin allergies, intestinal infections, food poisoning, lyme disease and many more. On top of that, pests can also worsen existing medical conditions such as asthma and other respiratory problems. It is important to note that pests can also cause damage to wooden and fabric furniture in your office.

In order to keep you and your employees safe, pest control services cannot be skimped on, especially if there is a pest infestation issue in your office. Prevent employees from falling sick frequently and causing disruption to your business by engaging in pest control services. 

Pests commonly found in commercial spaces



Cockroaches multiply rapidly and are difficult to safely remove on your own. Infestations in offices pose a number of health risks, including salmonella poisoning. This is why it is important to eliminate them.



Rodents harbour a wide range of parasites such as mites and ticks that carry lethal pathogens. Even without parasites, rodents can directly transmit deadly germs through their urine and feces.



Some ants are dangerous to our businesses and belongings as they are known to damage wood. Other ants that we often see as nuisances can actually spread harmful bacteria and pose a number of health risks.



Flies can carry harmful bacteria and cause serious health issues. Some species can lay from 540 to 2,373 eggs in their lifetime, in batches of hundreds on foods, garbage and rotting matter. The eggs can hatch in less than a day, making their cycle continuous and rapid. 



Booklice are a nuisance, but are not harmful to humans. Although they don’t bite and are not parasitic, they can cause significant damage to books and documents.



Mosquito’s saliva is transferred to a human or animal during a bite and can cause an itchy rash. Many species can ingest harmful pathogens white biting, and transmit them to other humans and animals. This will cause diseases to spread

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