Pest Control Services

Our pest control techniques employ odorless treatments, placed unobtrusively, to prevent disruption to daily work.

Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind

​Lukis's specialist will know the classification and behavior of all pests, which we provide target solutions. We look for conditions that invite pests, tackle current infestations, and stop their life cycle to prevent future invasions.

Common Commercial Facilities Pests


Cockroaches multiply rapidly and difficult to safely remove on your own. Infestations at office come with a variety of health hazards including salmonella poisoning. This is why it’s imperative to get rid of cockroaches as soon as possible.


Rodents harbor a wide range of parasites such as mites and ticks that carry lethal pathogens. Even without parasites, rodents can directly transmit deadly germs excreted in their urine and feces.


Some ants are dangerous to our, businesses and belongings as they are known to damage wood. Others, even though they are only referred to as nuisance ants, can actually be dangerous to our health and well being as they are able to spread harmful bacteria. 


Depending on the types of flies, females lay from 540 to 2,373 eggs in their lifetime. Eggs are laid in batches of hundreds on foods, garbage and rotting matter. The eggs are ready to hatch in less than a day, making their cycle continuous and rapid.


Booklice are a nuisance, but they are not harmful to humans. They don’t bite and aren’t parasitic. However, it may cause significant damage to books and other documents. 


The mosquito's saliva is transferred to the host during the bite, and can cause an itchy rash. In addition, many species can ingest pathogens while biting, and transmit them to future hosts

Solution to your pest infestation

If you’ve come across a pest in your office that you can’t identify, snap a close-up picture of it and send it over. We will then identify it and recommend an effective treatment. Our goal is to eliminate at the source, prevent breeding and reoccurrences

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