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People are the fundamentals to the success of businesses and it is paramount to ensure the safety and hygiene standards within your working environment especially during the global pandemic. Learn how we always put your people first as one of the leading office cleaning company in Singapore. Avail our office cleaning services now!

Creating a safe and clean office environment for your employees and visitors

Optimizing your business through peace of mind 

The workplace of the future depends on forward-looking partnerships. As a leading office cleaning company, our team of specialist help boost your business productivity and manage your office hygiene and safety - All while freeing you to focus on what you do best for your core business. Our office cleaning services, and office cleaners are continuously on an ongoing transformation and improvement to adapt to the current global environment and our clients' requirements to give you a peace of mind. 






Our commitment to service excellence

LUKIS is always on an endless journey to improve and innovate as an office cleaning company and enhancing our selection to training process for our office cleaners in Singapore. To us, the best measurement of success is by our client satisfaction and long-term partnership. We seek to continuously achieve that by maintaining the high standard of service quality and bringing people who prioritize the success of our clients to our team







Our mission in creating value 

Well-maintained workplaces provide the optimal conditions for productivity, safety and bolstering your brand reputation with your visitors and stakeholders. Every day, we are dedicated to helping your business reach its potential, with our customized office cleaning program and trained office cleaner and cleaning specialists. Let us strengthen your workplace by delivering the value you need. 


Dedicated account manager


We understand that every workplace is unique with distinct needs. As an office cleaning company that takes pride in understanding and personalizing our approach towards the cleanliness of each of our client's workplace, our business account manager will be designated to each client to understand and seek to integrate our services with the client criteria to drive an efficient partnership and positive outcome with someone that knows your needs.


High standards

While the world of working norms is rapidly changing, we are determined to set the leading standards for the office cleaning services industry in Singapore. Ensuring our client experiences excellent service and satisfaction with a systematic and hassle-free office cleaning solutions is the priority at LUKIS. By matching our training approach and integration of our office cleaners with the client's needs, we are able to remain constant on the high standards and value we are delivering to help you create workplace that will work even better


Integrated solutions


As an office cleaning company that offers a spectrum of office cleaning solutions. We seek to provide a holistic solution which help you save time and cost on managing a host of subcontractors. We are constantly adopting more innovative ways to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of work of our office cleaners in Singapore. With a single point of contact for all your office management needs will increase the accountability and consistency of the service quality at all times. 

Empowered employees, satisfied customers

As an office cleaning company in Singapore, our people are the foundation of our organization. We attract people who care, and are passionate with a service mindset for our clients through recognition, development and a supportive culture that embrace diversity. LUKIS is proud to be recognized by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) and we are committed to promote the adoption of fair, responsible, and progressive employment practices. To further our commitment, our office cleaners in Singapore are equipped with the most updated cleaning knowledge and the best practices to improve the effectiveness of our office cleaning services and enhance the quality of our office cleaners' working condition

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Services that match your needs

LUKIS offer a wide spectrum of office cleaning solutions that specialize in creating great places and allowing you to focus on growing your core business in Singapore. Our cleaning specialist and office cleaners are set to put together a bespoke office cleaning program to help you empower your stakeholders and get the most out of your workplace - Integrating all solution to one point of contact for all your requirements. 

Our client's journey with our partnership

Trust and transparency are the foundation to our partnership. We believe in building a sustainable and forward-looking partnership with our clients where we evaluate our success by our client's success. As their trusted office cleaning company, we continue to listen to their needs and propels our business forward together, by implementing personalized solutions and client-centric services that are built to fit across every sector - Here is what they're saying about us 

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