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LUKIS specializes in creating an ideal and safe working environment through our commercial cleaning services in Singapore across all business sectors. More than just general office cleaning, we offer a broad spectrum of office cleaning services, focusing on helping our clients achieve time and cost efficiency through our personalized cleaning programme. Our office cleaners in Singapore are qualified and trained with effective cleaning knowledge to provide the utmost level of service we can do for our clients.

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A well-designed workplace not only attracts the right talent for the business but also motivates people to be more productive in their work. As a professional office cleaning company that prioritizes our client’s specific needs, we work hard to enhance our quality of work by selecting and training qualified office cleaners in Singapore and ensuring the excellent service that our clients expect from us. Our personalized cleaning programs and schedule will align to your operations to ensure that our office cleaners are able to conduct their duties effectively without any form of disruption to your core business. 

Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Our office cleaning services in Singapore play a significant role in creating an organized and productive working environment for your employees and clients. LUKIS employs a flexible cleaning schedule and a personalized cleaning service solution that aligns with all our clients’ requirements. 

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Cleaning services are essential for retail spaces because of the high traffic in these areas. Dirt, dust, bacteria, virus and other contaminants can spread in high traffic retail spaces if they are not cleaned regularly. These commercial cleaning services provide a high standard of cleaning, which helps to improve your business image and keep your retail space safe. 

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Fitness Facility Cleaning 

Harmful pathogens can settle and live for long periods of time on your fitness equipment, machines, mats, and furniture, and a simple wipe down after each use is insufficient to eliminate the bacteria and germs on them. Furthermore, indoor fitness facilities may develop a bad odour without regular cleaning and maintenance. 

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Engaging cleaning specialists trained to clean medical facilities can help you to do just that while also ensuring that your working area is safe for patients and staff alike, effectively sanitising common areas and hard-to-reach corners to prevent spread of bacteria, germs, viruses and other contaminants.

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Education Facility Cleaning 

Every day, a large number of people enter the school’s premises, ranging from students and staff to parents and visitors. The school serves as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, potentially leading to illnesses and diseases. Professional cleaning services should be hired on a regular basis to keep your educational facilities hygienic and sanitary.

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Visitors to any commercial space must be assured that they are visiting and working in clean, safe, and sanitary environments. Dirt, dust, and harmful particles may not always be visible to the naked eye, which is why commercial cleaning services such as facility cleaning and building cleaning services are essential for your business.

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