6 Tips For Choosing a Disinfecting Company in Singapore

Cleaning is important not just for the appearance of your premises, but because of what it does to your health.

Visitors may never be able to tell if your rooms or office are clean, but if there is something dirty in your premises, people can easily tell. Cleaning the premises regularly will enable people to have a good impression on your business. If your business is clean, they will last a long time. You don’t want to leave a bad impression on your customers so make sure that the cleaning services you hire are experienced and dependable.

Now more than ever, it is essential to regularly sanitize your place of business. If you are unsure how to incorporate a cleaning schedule into your operational procedures, you may want to hire a team of professionals trained in how to guarantee a thorough clean with long-lasting protection.

There are many disinfecting companies in Singapore that offer COVID-19 virus cleaning services or spray disinfection services, but not all of these companies offer the same high-quality service. When choosing a professional disinfection company, we recommend that business owners and managers ask lots of questions to ensure that their business will be truly protected.

Why You Need To Hire a Disinfecting Company

Why You Need To Hire Disinfecting Company

Firstly, engaging disinfection services in Singapore that encompass thorough sanitization and decontamination processes for your office is crucial. Professional disinfection companies employ specialists well-versed in selecting the appropriate chemicals, timing, and methods for effective disinfection solutions. Their expertise ensures a meticulous disinfection process tailored to your specific needs. By entrusting them with the task, you can be confident that all surfaces will be meticulously treated, thereby effectively eliminating viruses and other harmful pathogens from your environment.

If you have someone to do the work for you, it would make sense to leave it to someone you trust. Someone you trust who does not have specialized training in viruses and bacteria sanitizing will likely not know how to adequately clean a space or whether it will be fully sanitized.

Hiring a high-quality disinfecting company to do a thorough job at your business can help you to cut costs by enabling them to purchase their own cleaning chemicals – instead of having an employee sanitize the room on their own. Disinfecting companies use specialized cleaning products, and are also able to obtain discounted cleaning supplies from other companies. 

It can also mean saving money on cleaning products because store-bought products are often in short supply, and are therefore priced higher than needed. Disinfection companies often purchase bulk supplies at a discount to customers, allowing them to offer their customers the best prices.

Some companies even provide spray technology to thoroughly clean a room or a hallway – or any room you might need a spot cleaned. Asking an employee to clean everything and working at the same time can take up to a few hours. That employee will not be able to help you with much more important tasks.

Tips for Choosing a Disinfecting Company in Singapore

You may be thinking about how you should hire a good company to do a thorough job disinfecting your premises. We suggest that you write down some frequently asked questions that you want to ask any potential service provider. It will be easy to find companies whose services will fit with the needs of the space and business you own.

Here is a list of things that can help you to choose which is the best disinfecting company in Singapore.

Ask For Recommendations

If you are looking for a good company to disinfect your business premises in Singapore, asking for references and getting honest feedback from their customers will prove helpful. Any company that provides business cleaning in Singapore will be thrilled to give you references. Sometimes references are simply written, as a result of happy clients, but feel free to request their recommendations. If the clients were happy with the business cleaners that they used, they would be more than happy to say so.

Ask About Their Schedule

Things to consider when hiring a disinfecting company in Singapore is their availability on a daily basis. It is possible to postpone the cleaning if necessary in case you have to stay at work until quite later in the day or during an important meeting. It is also feasible to arrange a cleaning service to please your out-of-town clients or business associates. Any company that is trustworthy will be able to arrange their work schedule so that it is suitable for you.

Enquire about the Cost of the Services

It is very essential to know the price of each service that you are going to hire. Prices can vary depending on how large your area is, what chemicals are needed, and if you are scheduled for a recurring appointment or a one-off service. Some companies give you a discount for repeating certain services. Check to see if they have special deals or promotions for services that you have booked on a recurring basis, or if they offer specials for recurring service contracts.

Ask The Company What Kind of Chemical They Use

There are specific chemicals that are especially useful for combating COVID-19 and other viruses that are harder to kill. Ask about the chemicals the cleaning company uses to kill the viruses in your business, and check to see if it is using NEA-approved products. 

Ask which cleaning chemicals are used. Some believe they can kill viruses, while others claim they can completely remove viruses if you purchase a costly chemical. If it sounds too good, it probably is.

If you store or serve food, be certain the cleaning chemicals used in your cleaning job are food safe. If the cleaning job is not done properly, you may be asked about what you must do to protect the food.

Ask What Kind of Equipment They Use

Teams from various companies use various equipment in order to disinfect areas of a building. Sometimes a professional disinfecting team will use specialized equipment, similar to what a gardener or a technician uses to get rid of insects. 

It is generally easy to work with backpacks that provide a very light misting of disinfectant liquid and air, but it is necessary to ensure that the disinfectant sticks to every surface in a space. It is possible to damage delicate electronics or wood if the spray is done with a strong wet spray.

Some teams may use sprayers that force the disinfectant to adhere to all surfaces of the building. It is safe to spray electronics that contain cleaning liquid, such as keyboards and pin-pads, but it is not always effective. Electrolytic sprayers are the latest technology for effectively disinfecting surfaces. These sprayers work by static charging the disinfectant on the surface of each object to permanently coat it.

Ask Them How Many Hours of Their Service

Most cleaning companies list the hours that they are available on the internet, but it is good to ask. They might not even have changed the hours of operation that they post online; they simply show what time they are open and what services they provide. If you want to schedule an application for a particular time, ask the company in question what they are usually open during those times.

Get Peace of Mind with Professional Office Disinfection in Singapore

At Lukis, we provide and deliver high-quality professional cleaning services which include office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and office disinfection services for office and commercial properties in Singapore. As a trusted office cleaning company in Singapore, we pride ourselves on providing quality customer service and eco-friendly cleaning products.

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