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Experience an exclusive discount on our general pest control service when you opt for our regular cleaning services (terms apply)

Elevate your workplace with Lukis, a leading office cleaning service in Singapore. We enhance businesses daily with custom cleaning solutions and flexible scheduling—monthly, weekly, or even daily. Experience non-disruptive, effective cleaning that caters to your unique needs, fostering a cleaner, more productive environment.

Service Philosophy

At Lukis, we align our services to your satisfaction. By fully comprehending our clients' individual needs, we develop tailored cleaning programs that meet the highest standards. Our commitment to ongoing enhancement drives us to constantly identify areas for improvement in our techniques. This diligent approach leads to a seamless, top-notch office cleaning service for our Singapore clients.

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Our committed business and operations team work hand-in-hand with you, building a solid support framework for your cleaning requirements. We implement streamlined processes, ensuring a seamless, stress-free commercial cleaning program that breathes new life into your workspace. Entrust us with the cleanliness, freeing you to concentrate on scaling your business.

Support & Training

Lukis values the growth of our cleaning staff, providing extensive on-the-job training for impeccable service delivery. Under meticulous supervision and guidance, our dedicated team caters to your distinct needs with exactitude. Our unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees a smooth, high-quality office cleaning experience that aligns with your expectations consistently.

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Quality Management

At Lukis, we place utmost importance on regular site inspections as a key driver for continuous improvement in our service delivery. These inspections are instrumental in helping us fine-tune our services to your unique needs, enabling us to maintain consistent, unparalleled service quality.

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Uninterrupted Schedule

Count on Lukis for uninterrupted daily office cleaning, even in the face of unexpected events. Our dedicated reserve team of office cleaners stands ready to step in, ensuring consistent upkeep of your workspace. We grasp the significance of a clean environment for your business operations and are always prepared to provide seamless service.

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Certified & Insured

Lukis takes pride in its certification by the National Environmental Agency (NEA), a testament to our commitment to the highest cleaning standards. Furthermore, we are backed by up to S$1,000,000 in public liability insurance and workman compensation. This safeguard ensures that you're fully protected against any unforeseen circumstances, offering you peace of mind as we transform your workspace.

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You’re In Good Company

As one of Singapore’s premier commercial cleaning services, Lukis upholds trust and transparency as cornerstones of sustainable, progressive partnerships with our clients. Our success aligns with our clients’ success. We deliver bespoke, sector-specific solutions via our diligent and ongoing communication channels. Don’t just take our word for it; see what our clients have to say about our services.

Office Cleaning Process

At Lukis, we’re committed to comprehending your specific cleaning needs and goals. We carefully craft a cost-effective office cleaning program that encapsulates all your requirements, offering a bespoke service of the highest quality.

With a deep understanding of your requirements, Lukis proceeds with meticulous selection and training of designated cleaners who are best suited and capable of fulfilling your cleaning objectives. We ensure a skilled and dedicated team that delivers exceptional results for your workspace.

Lukis leverages a thorough understanding of your needs to carefully select and train the most suitable cleaners for your workspace. We invest in preparing a team that’s not only skilled but also dedicated to achieving your cleaning objectives.

At Lukis, client satisfaction takes centre stage. We keep communication channels wide open and actively seek your feedback. This vital exchange allows us to continually refine and innovate our services, helping us consistently match and even surpass your expectations. With Lukis, experience a service that evolves to serve you better.




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