Cleaning Tables

Cleanliness in the era of pandemics

It has been a year and it is certain that COVID-19 is here to stay, at least for a while longer. COVID-19 changed the world in many ways. One in particular; cleanliness. For many of us, it has become a new norm as we adapt into a life which requires us to don our mask and to sanitize ourselves frequently. Even this safety net is not guaranteed unless one is extra careful.

Our homes and offices are also a potential hotbed for the transmission of this virus. We are the only custodians that can prevent this from happening by implementing necessary cleaning, in both environments.

Some of us have been piously cleaning our homes or work desk even before COVID-19 struck. That’s a great habit but with COVID-19, there might be some changes in the way we clean or the cleaning solutions we should use. Here are some simple examples:

1.    Make sure to clean high-touch surfaces
You should be aware of what are items are prone to contact with human. They could be everyday items that we used like door handles, tables, chairs, handrails, switches, mobile phones, computers and even toys.

2.    Use appropriate cleaning solution
In the current context, using a disinfectant that contains about 70 per cent alcohol is better than using any natural products or even vinegar. In event where disinfectant cannot be found, a diluted household bleach solution can also be used.

3.    Allow disinfectant to sit
Many disinfection products require time to be effective. They need to stay wet on surfaces to do their job. Therefore, it is always important to read the directions of the product you are using before application.

4.    Clean then disinfect
Cleaning should always be followed with a disinfection routine. It defeats any purpose if the surface had not been properly cleaned.

Last but not least, cleanliness should always start with you. Only with a proper routine, can you really keep COVID19 away from you and your loved ones.  

Furthermore, it is essential to keep the office clean and hygienic at all times to mitigate the chance of an outbreak among your office colleagues. Thus, we would suggest in consulting or engaging a professional office cleaning company to assign a regular office cleaner to ensure the cleanliness standards of your office.