Disinfection Services: 7 Tips To Keep Your Premises Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how important it is for workplaces to be kept safe and free from germs & viruses. When the surfaces are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, it can help in slowing down the infection rate.

Disinfecting our workplace has been on the list of major chores that we have all lived through. In an age where a pandemic has just begun to strike, it is very important to keep ourselves clean. Disinfectable things in our homes, offices, and other places are becoming an added burden for many people. But, not too much to think about, because professional office disinfect ionic services are available to take care of the task for you.

It is difficult to maintain a clean office. You must make sure that the air in the workplace and the surrounding areas are cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the health of employees and the visitors is maintained properly.

In a time when flu is extremely dangerous and COVID-19 virus is becoming increasingly common, it becomes extremely essential that the workplaces need to be cleaned regularly. Many offices have no air-filtration systems and bacteria are frequently found in the air. All offices should be disinfected regularly to ensure the health and safety of the employees and customers.

What do disinfection services consist of?

Disinfectants are used to kill germs and other harmful bacteria and viruses. Disinfection treatments remove germs and viruses by using chemicals with active ingredients that eliminate pathogens.

EPA says that disinfectant chemicals that are applied to hard, non-porable surfaces following cleaning are the best way to prevent infection.

Disinfection services typically include many cleaning and disinfecting steps. The process starts with identifying and high-touch surfaces, and then pre-cleaning high-risk before applying an EPA-registered disinfectant using electrostatic foggers. Electrostatic foggers create millions of tiny, electric foams that effectively cling to the surfaces to disinfect them.

The disinfectants then penetrate the air to reach all the surfaces that need to be disinfected. Pathogens or other particles from disinfectant products (or other air cleaners) are effectively killed by air scrubbers with high-performance particulate filters.

Professional disinfection services have experienced specialists who know how to disinfect surfaces thoroughly and effectively. This involves a level of training that includes properly operating equipment, such as electrostatic foggers, and knowing the appropriate areas for the disinfecting process.

Sometimes regular cleaning services are necessary, and even specialized cleaning services are available to help you clean areas that remain contaminated.

We can trust ourselves to reliable and affordable disinfection services and office cleaning services in Singapore. But, there are a few things that we can do to keep our office clean and hygienic.

How to keep your workplace safe

There are many ways we can do to keep the environment safe from the many viruses and diseases around. We need to ensure our facilities are maintained in a state which allows employees to work safely in all conditions. Before we ask help from professional cleaning services, it would be nice if we can do it by ourselves. Here are some ways that we can do to keep our workplace safe from bacteria and viruses.

Take the extra step of pre-cleaning

Cleaning a surface involves removing the dirt and others that have collected on it. When it comes to thoroughly cleaning surfaces, there are several ways to thoroughly clean them. Pre-clean surfaces with a soft cloth and soapy water – this will enable you to easily remove dirt from the area.

If you wipe everything in curved motions, you are just throwing dirt all over the place. What you should do is sweep the area thoroughly and do it slowly.

One-way wipe down technique

Wiping a surface is as simple as using a cloth to wipe it down. But, doing that frequently can result in infection. Once germs stay on the equipment cleaning, wiping up would only make them back on the surface.  So, ensure that there’s no more wiping up after you’ve done wiping it.

Color-code cleaning

Cleaning the office by indicating which area in the office must be cleaned each day using color codes is very important. It is safe and easy to do. There are no chances that the office equipment will accidentally get mixed up and cause trouble. It is very important to disinfect the office areas thoroughly.

Know what chemicals are safe

Chemicals can be found in most of the disinfection and they are useful for the prevention of many diseases and infections. You must be extremely careful when selecting the kind of chemicals to use for what purpose. For example, the disinfection that we use for domestic purposes claims that they can kill 99.9% bacteria, but experts say there are some chemicals which do not kill any germs. In these kinds of situations, you need to know which chemical can get rid of which contaminant.

Tech disinfection

As necessary as keeping the area that people use the most sanitary includes areas where people rest and eat, it should also be done to disinfect the tech equipment that people use such as phones and computers. You need to disinfect everything that touches you, from your desks and chairs to your keyboards and computers. You need to do this to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Ensure the disinfectant remains wet

Contact times are the time that disinfectants have to be visible and remain wet for a certain period of time to do their job effectively. Contact times can be a bit different depending on the product. Some disinfectants sold in supermarkets across the country need to stay on the surface for a good 10 minutes, while other products from disinfection services will do the job in only 3 minutes. Anyway, always read the label to determine what exactly is contained in each product.

Handwashing and sanitizing

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of washing your hands frequently is greatly emphasized. To stop the spread and contamination of germplasm and other harmful infections, we must always wash your hands before entering the building. It will take just 30 seconds to quickly kill germs by using chemicals that are safe but it will prevent many types of infections and diseases.


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