Why Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Company?

“Why engage in a professional office cleaning company when I can get a freelance office cleaner at a cheaper rate?” That would be the first question that comes to many office management’s minds. Office management usually has a hard time deciding on whether to have a professional office cleaning company clean their place or hiring a freelance office cleaner to do the job.

There are pros and cons when choosing between these two options, and it is up to the office’s management to determine which is the most beneficial and bodes the best interest for their company.

Employing a freelance office cleaner:

1) It is usually cheaper compared to a professional office cleaning company.
2) You have more control over the freelance office cleaner due to direct supervision.
3) You can pick and choose the candidate to be your freelance office cleaner.

1) Hiring a freelance office cleaner increases your insurance cost and possible compensations.
2) Through hiring an in-house staff, you might incur an additional cost (i.e. employment taxes). 
3) You are responsible for maintaining your office cleaning inventory.
4) You are accountable for managing and supervising the office cleaner’s performance.
5) You may not have a replacement when the office cleaner is on annual leave, medical leave of absence, or any other reason.

Engaging a Professional Office Cleaning Services Company:

1) Professional advice on the best approach and cleaning practices for your office space.
2) Able to provide a wide range of cleaning services for various situations.
3) Uninterrupted office cleaning schedule. 
4) Hiring a professional office cleaning service company will provide a higher quality of cleanliness for your office space over time. 
5) Accountability on the performance and conduct due to the service level agreement.

1) It is usually more expensive compared to a freelance office cleaner.
2) Having a stranger in your office can cause mistrust in your company. Since you have little control over who is sent to clean your office space.


Looking at some liability when investing in your equipment and office cleaning staff is also worth considering. As mishaps do happen during the cleaning process, and you will be left to deal with breakage of office items, damage to office property, accidents, and injuries during the cleaning process.

Most companies would like to find the most cost-efficient approach. However, having the cheapest options does not equate to the best value. The importance of a clean office can never be compromised, and one of these options must be suitable for you.

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