A Comprehensive Guide on Office Cleaning

Why are daily office cleaning services important? In an average week, workers would usually spend up to 40 hours in their office. For the majority of us, the office is like our second home. Usually, by the end of the week, we find ourselves searching under piles of paper for our mobile phones, keys, and other essential stuff. Therefore, it is paramount that workers and companies maintain a clean and tidy office, so that they can achieve optimal efficiency.
Below are some tips and tricks that can be easily adapted to help anyone maintain order and cleanliness in their office space.

Documents and Items

Many workers like to use the term “Order in Chaos”, contrary to popular belief, having a messy table does not aid efficiency, in the long run, might cause more issues and problems. Instead of spending time looking for documents, workers should be focusing on enhancing their work and producing more quality work in a shorter time frame. Below are office cleaning tips that you can adapt to your work habit that might help mitigate the clutter you have on your work desk in Singapore:

1) Utilize filing cabinets and labeling your documents accordingly (Example: customer profile, product specification, vendor information, work orders, invoice etc).  Be sure always to label all your documents and files. By developing a systematic method of filing (Example: Alphabetical, date etc), you will be able to find documents and files faster.

2) Documents should be stored and arranged by the frequency of usage. Documents or files that are being used frequently should be placed nearer to the worker and documents that are for reference only can be placed further away. This will aid in maintaining a pristine and neat work desk.

3) To help organize a work desk, try to utilize wall mount pockets or desk organizer trays. These tools are great when it comes to organizing your desk.


Among the daily office cleaning services you need to pay more attention to, restroom maintenance is one of the priorities. It is paramount to maintain the cleanliness of your office restroom. It is not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for the safety of your customers and employees. The restroom is known to be a place with high human traffic; therefore, it is essential to keep such places clean and tidy.  Usually, the cleanliness of a restroom rests upon the cleaning staff or professional cleaning services companies, but if you are running a small business, you might be the one maintaining the restrooms. So here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain a clean and tidy toilet:

1) To ensure hygiene and cleanliness, while cleaning the toilet seats, it would be wise to focus on the lid, outside circumference, and the base of the toilet bowl with a disinfectant solution. To further enhance the environment of the restroom, you can utilize deodorizing tabs or cakes in the toilet bowl to provide a refreshing smell to the whole environment.

2) The following are some places that might require disinfectant when you are doing your weekly cleaning:
•    Sink counters and sinks
•    Hand dryers
•    Floors
•    Urinals
•    Mirrors

3) Dispensable items (e.g. toilet rolls, liquid hand soap, paper towels) should always be stocked up and refilled; research had shown that a poorly restocked toilet could lead to more dirt and filth from users.  

When the restroom is not well maintained, it could become a breeding ground for numerous pests and bacteria. It is essential to keep your clients and employees safe and healthy, with the help of regular office cleaning services, as they are the people that keep your business moving.

Electronics Devices

Every office houses many electronic devices (e.g. telephones, fax machines, computers, laptops, printers, projectors), such devices are essential to the workflow of a company. Since they are utilized so frequently, they tend to be like a petri dish that houses many different kinds of germs and bacteria. The following guide to office cleaning will assist you in keeping such devices free from such nasty invaders:

1) When cleaning screens, it is essential to use microfiber cloths to wipe the computer screen gently. Other clothes might cause scratches on the screen.

2) Keyboards are dirt magnets. Research had shown that keyboards could house things like food crumbs, eraser dust, pencil leads, fingernails, and many other nasty things. To combat the hoarding of such stuff, it is vital to utilize a can of compressed air to blow the keyboards monthly to help free the keyboard from any debris that might be stuck underneath the keys. Once the debris is removed, you can clean the surface of the keyboard with a cotton swab and disinfecting solution. Always remember to clean the underside of the keyboard, as this area is often left neglected and tends to become a breeding ground for germs.

3) Other devices such as telephones, fax machines, and other electronic devices can then be wiped down with microfiber cloths and disinfecting solutions. Always remember to unplug the units before cleaning, and try not to come in contact with live electrical components.


The pantry is for storing and preparing food. Thus, it is essential to keep this room immaculate for the health and overall morale of your employees. Whether you hire an office cleaner in Singapore or you do it yourself, these are the basic cleaning tips to take note of.

1) The refrigerator needs to remain organized and clean at all times. Management should adopt a weekly disposal day, where expired and unwanted food items are disposed of. This would help declutter the refrigerator. A follow-up of a thorough wipe down of the interior would ensure that any liquid and solid residue from leftover food will not contain any health issues.

2) The Shelves, chairs, tables, and sinks in the pantry need to be disinfected thoroughly daily.

3) The exterior and interior of microwaves need to be cleaned daily as remnant food left by workers can cause thick hardened coating in the microwave that might foster mold growth.

4) Companies should also adopt to wash your dishes and cups program. This meant that workers should wash their dishes and cups after they had used the item. This will aid in the cleanliness of the pantry.

Trash Removal

Empty wastebasket daily. Don’t allow your office workers or co-workers to fall into the habit of leaving trash in the bins for several days. It will not only create an odor that might put off clients, prospective employees, and visiting executives, but it also creates an unhealthy work environment for germs, bacteria to grow in your office.


Keeping your office clean and tidy may seem like an overwhelming task, but if you are to do it diligently, the workload will not be that overwhelming. You can always adopt a cleaning schedule to ensure worker’s accountability to their workspace. Alternatively, you could consult a professional office cleaning services company to manage your cleaning activities. This would free up your workers to focus on more work while enjoying a clean and safe environment.




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