Office Cleaning Singapore: Cleaning Supplies You Must Have In Your Office

Keeping the office clean is not just the responsibility of an office cleaner. Even if your company has chosen to hire an office cleaning company in Singapore and you have office cleaners assisting you in keeping your premises clean, your employees must still ensure that they keep their workstations clean.

A clean and sanitary workplace is essential for employee well-being and efficient business operations. Make it easy for your employees to clean up after themselves by ensuring that you have these cleaning supplies readily available.

Disinfectants & All-Purpose Cleaners

Disinfectants and all-purpose cleaners are must-have items in any office. They are easy to use and can be used to keep most surfaces clean and sanitised. 

Especially during a pandemic, disinfectants assist you in keeping your workplace free of dangerous viruses or bacteria that can make people sick. Whereas all-purpose cleaners can be used to remove a wide range of dirt, stains and grease from desks, pantry tables and other surfaces, keeping workstations clean.

When these cleaning supplies are easily accessible, your employees will be more likely to clean up after themselves, leaving spaces clean for the next user. When surfaces are left dirty, no one wants to clean them, allowing dirt to accumulate before a professional office cleaning company is called in.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are reusable and environmentally friendly. They work together with your disinfectants and all-purpose cleaners to keep surfaces clean. Microfibre cloths are great because they can pick up 99% of bacteria with just water and are ideal for quick surface cleaning. Place them together with your disinfectants and all-purpose cleaners to allow your employees easy access to them. 

Loofah Dish Sponges & Natural Dish Soaps

Loofahs are all-natural cleaning products that are typically used on the skin during baths. However, they are also made into dish-washing products that are excellent for cleaning dishes.

Instead of using regular dish sponges made out of plastic and other man-made materials, switch to using natural loofah dish sponges in your office as these are eco-friendly alternatives that can help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. 

Have them next to your sinks in the pantry for your employees to use, they are easy to use and can thoroughly clean dishes without damaging them.

Aside from dish sponges, it is important to also have natural dish soaps in your pantry. A dish sponge on its own cannot remove grease thoroughly; however, with natural dish soap, your employees can wash their own cups and cutlery properly without drying out their hands or causing harm to the environment. 

Trash Bags & Trash Bins

Employees spend a lot of time at their desks in the office, and they can accumulate a lot of trash within that period of time. From disposable coffee cups to their lunch takeaway, these are items that must be disposed of promptly to avoid attracting pests to the workplace.

Having proper trash bags and bins around the office, such as one at each desk, will ensure that your employees do not leave dirty trash on the floor or table. It’s also a good idea to have an office cleaner go around the office daily to empty the trash bins before the end of the day.

Vacuum Cleaners & Brooms

Finally, vacuum cleaners and brooms are essential office cleaning supplies. While office cleaning is not your employees’ job, having a broom around allows them to clean up the area around their desk should they see a need to. If you don’t have one in your office, your employees may simply leave the area dirty because they don’t have a solution to keep the place clean.

Vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are for office cleaners to use. Have them regularly vacuum your floors to keep them free of dust and dirt for better cleanliness and air quality.

Dirty offices can lead to respiratory issues and other serious health issues, whereas a clean office will boost employee morale, increase productivity, and keep everyone healthy. For the sake of your company, keep cleaning supplies easily accessible so that everyone can contribute to keeping the workplace clean. You can also hire an office cleaning service to help keep your premises clean.
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