Are Your Carpets A Potential Threat to Our Health?

Carpets that are nicely done up can be a visual treat and even set a warm ambiance indoors. Not only does it provide comfort to our feet, but it also creates a different atmosphere for an office or any commercial space. Other than its aesthetic properties, carpets are also known for their practical use in trapping dirt, and they are widely used in entrances to offices, malls, and residential units. Validated as one of the most sought-after floorings, it is almost an everyday affair where our foot meets the carpet.

However, improper care and neglect of the carpet can lead to an adverse effect on our health. Without regular cleaning, indoor carpets can accumulate dust, allergens, and even mould that will impair indoor air quality. Which can eventually lead to respiratory allergies that will degenerate over time if exposure is continuous.

Dirty carpets can irritate the skin and produce allergies too when in contact. Indoor carpets can trap dirt, rotting skin tissues, dust mites, and a variety of bacteria. Unknowingly, we brought in unclean matters from wherever we have been to, and these are deposited onto the carpet. With time and negligence, bacteria and dust mites will grow and multiply. With human contact, these can cause skin discomforts like contact dermatitis and eczema.

The only way to get rid of all these worries is to do a deep clean regularly. General vacuuming of carpets may not be the best method and has its limitations. Vacuuming can be a way of doing maintenance to your existing carpet, but it will not do a thorough job of eradicating bacteria and dust mites.

Using a carpet cleaning machine with steam or extraction action to do the cleaning will be more effective. These machines employ a few actions concurrently, and they include steaming, shampoo, and extraction cleaning. As for the steam cleaning method, the high temperature of the steam kills any bacteria or dust mites that are present. Also, the steam softens up grime, dirt, or even allergens before it gets extracted into the machine. Lastly, cleaning the carpet this way will ensure a healthier environment for anyone who has sensitive allergies.

However, purchasing an expensive carpet cleaning machine may not be feasible or cost-effective for periodic carpet deep cleaning. Thus, it would be best to consult and engage a professional office cleaning company to assist and schedule the necessary carpet cleaning to ensure a clean environment for your commercial space.

For a cleaner office environment to work in and healthier air quality, contact us for a professional carpet cleaning service!




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