Understanding Your Cleaning Supplies

Most of us who visit the supermarket to grab cleaning supplies usually do not study the contents or directions. It is understandable that a cleaning product is a form of chemical that assists us in the removal of stains or to keep a surface clean. However, improper use of these cleaning products can lead to severe health problems.

Impact of Chemical Residues: Prioritizing Cleaning Supplies Safety

The use of these cleaning products produces undetectable airborne residues that include gases and carcinogens that can be inhaled unknowingly. They also leave residues on our skin that will potentially cause a reaction. These products include aerosol spray products, air fresheners, chlorine bleach, detergent and washing liquid, dry cleaning chemicals, furniture and floor polish, beauty products and oven cleaners.

Scientific studies on these residues left behind by some cleaning agents show that they might release volatile organic compounds (VOC), ammonia, ozone, and even bleach. High and regular exposure to these chemicals can cause chronic respiratory problems, allergies, headaches, and cancer. Extended exposure to the skin may also cause dermatitis. All in all, the threat can be life-threatening.

Therefore, it is important to read the labels on the cleaning supplies that you are purchasing. Choosing products that do not contain or have reduced amounts of VOCs, irritants and flammable ingredients will ensure that your exposure to harmful chemicals will be kept at a minimum.

Reading Labels: Key to Cleaning Supplies Safety Awareness

The other way is to do your own research before purchasing the product. Manufacturers may not be obligated by regulation to list all ingredients in their consumer products. Even products labeled as “green” do not necessarily mean they are safer.

To avoid all the hassle, many companies would rather engage the expertise of a professional office cleaning company to conduct regular office cleaning services to upkeep and ensure the hygiene standard of the office.




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