Benefit of Office Cleaning Company (Part 1)

Office cleaning services include general duties such as:

  • Vacuuming and mopping

  • Clearing of trash bins

  • Wiping of windows and glass partitions

  • Cleaning work desks and office furniture

  • Cleaning of toilets (if any)

  • Maintaining cleanliness of pantry (if any)

  • Any other special request for your office cleaning requirements.

Non-disruptive Cleaning Schedule

Some companies may wonder why they have to outsource their office cleaning requirements to an office cleaning services provider and not employ an office cleaner directly to save on the cost. We will conduct a comparison of directly hiring an office cleaner and outsourcing to an office cleaning services company.

Firstly, if you are hiring an office cleaner directly, you would need to ensure that the office cleaner is appropriately insured and provided other benefits following Singapore’s manpower regulations. Singapore’s cleaner demographics are undoubtedly on the higher end. Hence, medical check-up, medical leave or annual leave will be a slightly more common occurrence.

Allowing your office to remain unclean is not an option. Thus, scrabbling for replacement and paying a higher premium due to short duration cleaning services could be cost-inefficient and a waste of time and effort. 

However, by outsourcing the office cleaning requirements to office cleaning companies, the office cleaning companies will be responsible for the replacement of office cleaning when the designated office cleaner is unable to attend to your office. Hence, ensuring a non-disruptive cleaning schedule for your office requirements, while you could focus on other work priorities.

Expertise & Cleaning Equipment

Generally, office cleaners which are employed directly by you are only able to handle general cleaning of offices or mitigating the accumulation of dust in your office. As they do not have in-depth knowledge on how to approach specific situations that may arise occasionally. Unsurprisingly, this could also cause damage to your office property due to uninformed cleaning practices.

Office cleaning companies have substantial experience and knowledge in conducting office cleaning services for various office settings, cleaning methods, and understanding the best practices to approach your cleaning requirements.

As a result, they can advise on your office cleaning method, office cleaning schedule, and also provide an alternative strategy to manage your office cleanliness more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, office cleaning services providers are consistently up to date on the best cleaning equipment, which is most efficient for your office cleaning assignment. 

These are some of the factors which we will discuss in this article by comparing a professional office cleaning company and employing an office cleaner directly. 

In part 2 of this article, we will look further into the other values which you could benefit from by outsourcing your office cleaning requirements to a professional office cleaning service provider.




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