Organisational Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean And Uncluttered

To accommodate different working styles, the office contains a large number of daily necessities, stationery, furniture, and gadgets that can be utilised to make working much easier. Besides these items, there are also plenty of unused items left around the office and never cleared away. Over time, things can become disorganised. 

There are many things that you can do to create a conducive and healthy working environment besides hiring daily office cleaning services. Organise your office today with these tips.

1. Allocate space for everything

Employees cannot be expected to tidy up their workspaces and clean up after themselves if a proper organisational system is not in place. From small items such as pens and notepads to larger gadgets such as printers, it is important to designate a space or everything to keep them neat and tidy.

Instead of having stationery or documents scattered around the office, categorise the items and keep them in one location where everyone can easily access them. With a proper storage system, your employees will be more likely to keep things organised. 

You can also hire daily office cleaning services and have the office cleaner help ensure that items are always kept back in where they belong.

2. Reusable storage boxes

Received a new delivery? Don’t just chuck the items in a corner together with the box it came in. These packages are perfect hiding spots for pests, and keeping them in your office will only allow them to breed and infest your property. 

To keep things clean and organised, invest in reusable storage containers, shelves, and cabinets; files for documents, stationery holders for your pens and pencils, as well as a safe for important company stamps and cheque books. Moving the items to their rightful place and removing the packaging can help prevent pest infestation in your office.

Again, if you have no time to organise office necessities, hire office cleaner services or have an administrative staff assist with this. 

3. Label everything

Aside from organising office necessities in their respective locations, you may want to label each box or cabinet so that your employees know where to store which items and where to get the items they need. This also makes it much easier to keep everything organised.

4. Regularly clear out unwanted items

Although most of us do not have time to spring clean and declutter the office on a regular basis, it is an important step in keeping your office clean and uncluttered. Dust can easily accumulate on documents, and pests can breed in cluttered corners. This is why businesses should shred any unwanted documents and discard any unwanted or used stationery to clean up space.

If your busy employees find it difficult to clear out the trash on a regular basis, hire daily office cleaning services in Singapore to assist with that.

5. Allocate ample space for employees to store personal items

The majority of us spend most of our time at work, in the office. Hence, many employees resort to leaving personal belongings in the office so they don’t have to bring them to and from home every day. 

Personal items, when left around, can clutter spaces and mess up your office. Hence, it is important to provide ample storage space for employees to neatly store away their personal items, keeping the office tidy. 

If your company is hot desking, you can make use of lockers. Otherwise, companies can provide cabinets at each desk for employees to organise their belongings. 

Keeping the office clean requires a significant amount of work that your employees cannot be expected to complete. This is why there are commercial cleaning services in Singapore that provide daily office cleaning services to help businesses keep their premises clean while they focus on running their business. 




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