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Cleaning Guide For Office Floors

Heavy traffic during your business peak session is excellent for socialising and networking to expand your business. However, the downside of heavy traffic in your office is that it can affect the condition of your office floors. It is not an option to neglect the state of the office floors, as the results will show up sooner or later, also affecting your guests’ first impression of your office. With the right practice and cleaning procedure, it should keep your office floors in a pristine condition that lasts a long time.

This simple guide will assist you to understand the different office flooring and avoiding irreversible long-term damage to your office flooring.

How an office cleaning service company cares for your office floors depends on the floor type and condition. Here are some flooring types and what you should take note of when hiring an office cleaning service company to help you with the maintenance of your floors.

If you have wood flooring, it’s essential to know how the wood expands and contracts when the temperature and humidity changes. During the colder season, lower humidity and cooler temperatures mean that wood floors will contract to leave thin gaps between planks. Thus, require extra cleaning attention to get down in the grooves, and wood flooring should never get too wet to avoid damage.


You can be at ease about warping and scratches when dealing with tile flooring. However, tiles can become discoloured, either from wear and tear from implementing the wrong cleaning practice or using the wrong cleaning solution. Make sure that your office cleaning service company has the right knowledge and cleaning material to clean your office floor.


A carpet usually needs more frequent vacuuming. You can spot-treat spills with a small, portable carpet shampooer, then call on the help of an office cleaning company when you require thorough carpet cleaning services. It will be best to conduct a full thorough cleaning of your carpets to remove ground-in dirt and odours on a quarterly to an annual basis. 

Brick and stone should be kept waxed with a commercial sealer to protect them. As long as they are properly sealed, your office cleaning service company can clean with a mop and a mild cleaning solution. You can touch up when you need to by spot sweeping or lightly mopping spills.

For a clean and healthy workplace, you need the right products and equipment to do the job efficiently. A no-dip flat mop is versatile enough to clean large spaces and can clean hard-to-reach spots, too. Plus, it doesn’t use dirty water, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and spreading germs further. Finally, a vacuum reduces dust and potential allergens by capturing dirt and small particles. 


Keep your office clean with our office cleaning services in Singapore, contact us today!

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