4 Tips On How To Keep Your Office Carpet

Carpets are one of the most difficult-to-clean and easily dirtied materials that businesses like to have in their office because they can significantly reduce impact and reverberation noise, create a quieter environment, better social interaction, and improve the overall atmosphere of your office space. 

However, carpets can also harbour lots of harmful pathogens and negatively impact indoor air quality and cleanliness if they are not cleaned regularly, causing respiratory symptoms or health problems in those who frequent the space. Engaging the services of an office carpet cleaning company can help keep your carpets clean, but how else can companies reap the benefits of installing carpets while ensuring optimal cleanliness? 

1. Use Area Rugs

Area rugs are simply smaller carpets available in a variety of sizes that provide comfort, warmth, and decorative interest. Adding area rugs to different parts of your office, such as the entrance or outside the washroom, allows them to act as a buffer to clean your shoes before you step into the office – instead of walking around, spreading and leaving dirt all over the office carpet, you will be leaving the dirt on smaller rugs, which will be easier to clean than the larger carpets.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming carpets on a regular basis is the most effective way to clean them. Simply doing this once a week, if not daily, can help to remove about 80% of the dirt that has become embedded in the carpet before it is pushed deeper into the carpet fibres. Dirt trapped deeper in the carpet fibres will be difficult to remove in the long run, and you will need to call in professional office carpet cleaning services to thoroughly clean them. 

Consider hiring a company that provides daily office cleaning services to assist you in ensuring that your office carpets are always vacuumed and cleaned. 

3. Schedule a Monthly Deep Clean

Although regular vacuuming removes approximately 80% of the dirt trapped in the carpet, the remaining 20% cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Hence, it is important that you hire a professional office carpet cleaning service to perform a deep clean process to not only thoroughly remove all dirt and harmful pathogens trapped in your carpet but also to maintain it and extend its lifespan.

A deep clean will not be necessary every day, but it is recommended that it be done once every month. The deep cleaning process entails loosening the carpet fibres to break down trapped soil and dirt, pre-treating difficult spots with special solutions to improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, and finishing with extraction cleaning, which uses high-temperature steam to loosen grime, dirt and stains to leave your carpet as good as new.

4. Keep it Clean

A no-brainer tip is to remind all your employees to clean up any spills immediately, to clean off any mud and dirt from the carpet left by their dirty shoes, or clean their shoes before stepping into the office. You can also provide indoor slippers for all your employees to change into to reduce the amount of dirt that comes into contact with your office carpet.




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