How To Get Rid Of Dust In Your Office

Anyone who is suffering from allergies can tell you: they’re for real. And the allergens inside the office, like mold, office dust and dust mites can be just as intense as outdoor triggers like pollen. To help allergy-proof your office, prevent dust and reduce the symptoms of hay fever and allergic asthma, We recommend a weekly office cleaning routine.

Cleaning Tips to Prevent Allergies

  • Damp-mopping hard office floor

  • Removing dust from all surfaces including window frames, ceiling fans, windowsills, and the tops of doors of your office.

  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to collect the dust; feather dusters redistribute the dust

  • Vacuuming carpet, furniture cushions and pillows. Use a micro-filter vacuum bag or a high-efficiency particulate air filters

  • Shaking out rugs, carpets and giving pillows a good whack.

Other Allergy-Reducing Cleaning Tips

  • Replacing your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning filters every two to three months with high-efficiency particulate air filters.

  • Inspecting air ducts for dust build-up on the duct walls and clean if needed

  • Steam cleaning carpets every six months

  • Washing drapes and curtains

  • Run a high-efficiency particulate air purifier in the room

  • Clean air vents with the brush attachment on your vacuum.

  • Keep your office cooler to create indoor conditions that are less hospitable to dust mites and mold spores

Naturally, office cleaning services from LUKIS can proactively take care of the dust to reduce allergens in your office, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Inspecting your air ducts can also significantly help to reduce dust and allergy symptoms. Doing extraction cleaning of your carpets will remove dust and debris embedded deep within the fibres that contaminate indoor air. With state-of-the-art equipment and best cleaning practices, they’ll give your office carpet and air ducts a deep clean you won’t find anywhere else.
Prevent harmful pathogens and allergens from spreading around your office, causing more illnesses. Contact us today to get your office deep cleaned.




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