Reducing Harmful Chemicals in Office Cleaning

In the past, most office cleaning companies depended on harsh, toxic, or hazardous chemicals. Toxic, corrosive, and otherwise dangerous office cleaning products were needed to deliver a spotless and sparkling fresh office.  People are more aware of the threats posed by these office cleaning products; more and more companies are seeking to reduce the use of these chemicals in their office cleaning practices.

The good news? Cutting back on harmful office cleaning products is easier than you might presume. Below, we have outlined how you can decrease the number of irritating, harsh, and dangerous chemical cleaners used in your office.

Replace Harmful Office Cleaning Products with Green Alternatives

Greener office cleaning starts with taking inventory of your current supplies. By cataloging your current stock of office cleaning products, you can identify:

1. Which office cleaning products you no longer use (or never used in the first place).

2. Which green office cleaning products can cost-effectively replace conventional office cleaning products.

Once you’ve identified which conventional office cleaning products to get rid of, contact a local waste disposal company. Many traditional cleaning products contain toxic, corrosive, flammable, or otherwise dangerous materials, which are governed by strict disposal regulations set by the authority — all the more reason to clean with safer, greener office cleaning products in the future.

Train Office Cleaners in Cleaning Methods That Reduce Chemical Usage

While many companies strive for 100% green cleaning practices and procedures, this isn’t always possible at the start. Even if you’re unable to go completely green when cleaning your office, there are steps you can take to reduce the usage of hazardous cleaning products when cleaning your office.

One of the best ways to do this is to train the office cleaning staff in efficiency-focused cleaning methods and procedures. Without proper education, it’s easy to use excessive amounts of water, detergent and disinfectant when performing office cleaning activities. This can quickly multiply the ecological footprint of your office cleaning practices.

Efficiency-focused office cleaning methods solve this predicament. These office cleaning methods allow cleaners to achieve the same level of coverage while minimising the amount of water and cleaning products used. This way, any harsh or dangerous cleaning products can be used in more moderate volumes.

Hire an Office Cleaning Service That Limits Cleaning Chemicals

Reducing the use of harsh and dangerous office cleaning products isn’t always easy. If you run a small business and employees clean your workplace, you might not have the resources you need to research green office cleaning products or train your employees in eco-friendly cleaning practices and procedures.

This is one of many areas where it pays to hire a trusted office cleaning service provider. Established office cleaning companies have the experience, expertise, and systems you need to achieve a safer, greener, and more cost-effective clean. 




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