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3 Easy Steps to Reduce The Risk of Cross Contamination Through Office Cleaning

Germs and viruses cannot be avoided, but offices must be especially vigilant in controlling them – and if the proper steps are not taken to mitigate it, cross-contamination in offices and other commercial settings can put staff and clients at increased risk. 

The spread of bacteria and other pathogens is particularly concerning for people with compromised immune systems, so it is critical to have cleaning protocols that properly mitigate the threat of cross-contamination. The specialist at LUKIS designed our office cleaning program with cross-contamination prevention in mind. Use these three tips from our office cleaning specialists to help prevent cross-contamination in your offices and commercial facility: 


To prevent harmful bacteria from spreading, your staff need to know the difference between office cleaning, sanitisation, and disinfection. They also need to have the right cleaning supplies to do the job properly: 

Microfiber cloths: Microfiber is effective in picking up dirt, debris, and germs than traditional cleaning materials. A combination of clean water, a commercial detergent, and a microfiber cloth are ideal for basic surface cleaning. 

Commercial-grade disinfectant: Once a surface or an item has been cleaned, it can then be disinfected. Commercial facilities must use commercial-grade disinfectants to prevent cross-contamination. 

Alcohol-gel hand sanitizer: Keeping alcohol-based hand sanitizer widely available throughout your office and commercial facility can help stop the spread of germs from hand-to-surface, hand-to-hand, and hand-to-mouth contact. 

Beyond using the right supplies, keeping soiled and clean materials separate and following proper laundry procedures are also critical for reducing the risk of cross-contamination in workplace environments. 


Regular office cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting help control viruses and bacteria before they have a chance to spread from one surface or room to another. Items and surfaces that are touched frequently are more prone to contamination and, therefore, require frequent and thorough cleaning. All staff should be trained on basic cleaning protocols for such settings, especially high-touch areas, to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. 


Proper hand hygiene is the simplest but perhaps the most important component of preventing cross-contamination in offices and commercial facilities. Maintaining proper hand hygiene can be easy, simply follow these simple steps: 
Wet hands with water. 

1) Apply soap, lather, and scrub vigorously for at least 20 seconds. 

2) Pay attention to all surfaces of the hands, including fingernails. 

3) Rinse thoroughly and dry hands using a clean cloth, air dryer, or disposable towel. 

Put a stop to the spread of germs and viruses by ensuring your staff are practising the right habits and implementing a proper cleanliness protocol. 

Maintaining a healthy office is a good practice to promote productivity in your workplace. Protecting your employees from threats of cross contamination is easier than you think. A careful hygiene practice along with regular office cleaning in Singapore can do the trick. 

Do you need an office cleaner in Singapore to maintain a healthy office? Call LUKIS today!


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