3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Office Pantry Clean

The office pantry is where employees can take a break from their daily tasks and relieve stress while enjoying their lunch break with colleagues. It is also the ideal breeding ground for pests, as dirt, germs and bacteria accumulate, especially if food waste is left in the pantry. 

In order to ensure optimal health and safety for your employees, it is important to keep the office pantry clean and sanitary for employee use. Keeping the office pantry clean is the joint responsibility of all employees, as much as it is the job of commercial cleaning services. Here’s what you can do to ensure that all your employees do their part in keeping the pantry hygienic.

1. Set Office Pantry Guidelines

Establishing office pantry guidelines for employees to follow when using the pantry space is an excellent way to ensure cleanliness in the pantry. It is important for businesses to set up these guidelines because when you have rules and regulations in place to govern usage, as well as penalties for noncompliance, you will notice that your employees start cleaning up after themselves more frequently. 

Although the majority of the cleaning will still be done by cleaners from a commercial cleaning service in Singapore, employees should still clean up after themselves so that the office pantry can be kept clean at all times.

Some of the important things to have in your guidelines include:

  • Tidy up appliances

After using an appliance that all employees have access to, such as the microwave, employees must make sure to clean up any spills in the surrounding areas and the appliance. If possible, washable parts should be removed from the appliances and washed with soap and water so that they are ready for the next person to use. 

  • Organise the fridge

Do not purchase too many food items and refrain from filling up the office fridge with too much food. Only buy what you need and consume them as soon as possible. Throw away any expired food and make sure to pack everything properly so that the smell does not spread in the fridge. Employees should also label their own food items. 

  • Clean up after oneself

It is a basic courtesy to clean up after yourself after using the pantry. Nobody likes cleaning up after someone else, so employees should not expect others to clean up after them. Employees should not leave the tables dirty or leave dirty dishes in the sink. 

The company should include cleaning tips and instructions on how to clean up different areas, in addition to guidelines to follow. For example, how to safely wipe and clean the insides of a microwave, as well as what cleaning supplies to use when cleaning different parts of the pantry. 

2. Ensure Easy Access to Cleaning Supplies

It is important that you have cleaning supplies readily available and easily accessible in the office because employees cannot be expected to clean up after themselves if they don’t have the necessary cleaning supplies they need. These cleaning supplies will also be useful for the cleaners of the commercial cleaning service you engaged in. 

You do not need expensive or difficult-to-use supplies; a simple spray bottle filled with cleaning solution and a few clean cloths will do the job. Other supplies to have include:

  • Disinfectants

  • Microfibre Cloths

  • Loofah Dish Sponge

  • Dishwashing Liquid

  • Trash Bags 

  • Trash Bins

  • Vacuum Cleaners

  • Broom

3. Hire A Commercial Cleaner

Hiring commercial cleaning services is extremely crucial because the cleaning specialists are highly trained and equipped with the necessary equipment and knowledge to thoroughly clean even the most difficult-to-clean corners of your office. 

Common bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, shigella and other harmful bacteria are commonly found in food preparation areas such as the pantry. Other harmful pests, such as pantry pests, cockroaches and ants can also breed in your office pantry. 

All of these can cause diseases and illnesses in your employees, which can have an impact on your business operations. This is why you should hire professional office cleaning services to ensure that your office pantry is free of harmful bacteria and pests.

If keeping your office pantry clean is a hassle, LUKIS Clean is a commercial cleaning company in Singapore that provides a wide range of professional office cleaning services to help keep your premises clean while you focus on your core business. Contact us today for a comprehensive cleaning service. 




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