Back-to-office Cleaning and Sanitization Tips

Many companies are resuming their businesses in an office from a work-from-home arrangement during the covid pandemic. With the return of employees to offices or increasing the volume of people permitted to re-enter into the businesses, there is an increase in the sanitation and office cleaning services demand to ensure the safety of the business stakeholders. 

Our professional office cleaning specialist has the training, equipment, and the knowledge to complete all the cleaning duties that your business requires. Making sure that the resumption of usual operation in the office is a clean and safe environment for everyone. 


Majority of the businesses are prioritising office cleaning and sanitization even more than they were before the resumption of the office operation. Hand sanitation stations are common to see around the office, retail stores and any other businesses, along with reminders and instructions to ensure proper hygiene practices. While this is a good implementation to start with, there should be more done to ensure your business sanitary practices and environment.

A well-trained office cleaner can help to ensure that high touch areas such as handrails, doorknobs, switches are consistently and frequently sanitised throughout the day. They also ensure that trash bins are regularly emptied as required and bathrooms are cleaned on a regular basis, and more. This will not only benefit the employee morale but also showing your clients and employees that you care about the business and their safety and comfort while working with you and your company. 


At the end of each day of business, your office should be thoroughly cleaned. While many business owners often choose to take on the tasks of cleaning themselves or assign the general cleaning to their employees, hiring a professional office cleaning company to manage the daily cleaning duties helps to ensure that the proper practices and focus is placed on ensuring a clean and safe environment for everyone. 


Whatever the office cleaning services and sanitization requirements of your business and office, LUKIS will work with you to develop a step-by-step customised cleaning program to ensure all the requirements are met and more. Contact us and our business account team will assist you and advise on the best approach to ensure the value you received from the office cleaning services. 




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