How Often Should You Do Minimal Office Cleaning in Singapore

Perhaps you may be thinking on hiring a professional office cleaning company in Singapore for a while now. Maybe you are considering between a monthly office cleaning services or weekly office cleaning services as the minimum service interval?

Let’s  take a look on why a weekly office cleaner services is always better in comparison to a monthly office cleaning service:

1 . A weekly office cleaning keep everyone accountable

If you have not work with a professional office cleaning service before, chances are that you will scramble around at the very last minute before the office cleaner arrives, picking everything up and consolidating it at a corner of the office before they get there, so that they are able to focus on the office cleaning duties within the service duration, instead of picking up clutter.

When you engage a weekly office cleaning services, it means that there isn’t as much time between each cleaning session for things to get messy and out of hand. This also means that it is a lot easier to get things consolidated before the arrival of the office cleaner. Not only it allows a more efficient office cleaning session but also same the time and hassle for you to always rush on clearing the clutter which is created throughout the month.

2. It’s a fresh start for the week

It can be distracting and demoralizing coming into an office which is dirty and cluttered on the first day of the workweek. Instead, it helps with the morale of your employees knowing that they are coming in with a clean office that is well disinfected and smell fresh in the morning. Weekly office cleaning is a great way to reset each week and to have a clean office throughout the entire workweek without worry about the leftover trash, uncleaned workstation and dust on surfaces.

3.  It’s comparative easier to maintain than a monthly office cleaning services 

If you have engage in monthly office cleaning services, there’s a lot that can happen in between each cleaning session. Dust can accumulate and stains may leave a permanent marks when it’s attended in time. Most importantly, it creates a unhealthy environment which may affect people with allergies and are sensitive towards the dirt and bacteria.

By engaging a monthly office cleaner services, mean that you would need to be responsible for the cleaning, dusting and perhaps office carpet cleaning to maintain the office environment  throughout the month till the next cleaning session. 

The frequency of professional office cleaning services is not just a matter of cost but also the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning program in the long term. Many times, it would be best for the professional office cleaning company to advise on the optimal frequency for your office cleaning requirements, so that the cleaning effort can always be maximise.  
 You can keep your office clean and organized with weekly office cleaning services for an affordable price. Visit LUKIS to get our professional office cleaning services today!




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