The Next Wave of Green Cleaning

With the new emphasis on going green and decreasing carbon footprint, many cleaning companies are providing cleaner and greener alternative cleaning services.  Many businesses and office cleaning companies are seeing the benefit of green cleaning and using eco-friendly products, such as healthier workers, reduced carbon footprint, and help reduce the use of raw materials, thus lessening the need for disposal of toxic products and packing materials. Many businesses may not have considered hiring an environmentally friendly cleaning service for their offices or commercial property as they do not see a need for it. However, we should never overlook such eco-friendly cleaning services as it provides a safer and healthier working environment for employees and clients.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Services

Green cleaning is an eco-friendly approach to office cleaning. It avoids the use of harsh and potentially hazardous cleaning solutions and unsafe cleaning methods. Many office cleaning companies claimed they provide eco-friendly cleaning. Conversely, such office cleaning services might not be that eco-friendly. For an office cleaning service to be labelled as eco-friendly, office cleaning companies first must use cleaning solutions and methods that are marked and recognized as eco-friendly; this meant that such eco-friendly office cleaning services must use products and processes that are not harmful to the health of the employees, or business establishment.

There are various reasons why your business should consider turning to eco-friendly office cleaning services. Traditionally, office cleaning service companies use conventional cleaning products & tools that may contain chemicals. Such chemicals can be potentially harmful to everyone working in the office. Although it may do its job in cleaning the surfaces, the harsh chemicals from such toxic cleaning products could in turn be the exact potential cause of illness, irritation, and other harmful side effects.

By switching from regular office cleaning services to eco-friendly office cleaning services, you not only decrease employee’s health problems but also reduce the cost of employees missing in action due to illnesses.

Considerations When Choosing Green Cleaning Services

Everything said, when choosing an office cleaning company that provides eco-friendly office cleaning services, you should keep the next few things in mind.

1)   Such a company should be able to offer an eco-friendly cleaning service that provides deep and thorough cleaning for your office.

2)   This office cleaning company should not just use eco-friendly products, but also have eco-friendly procedures and policies to dispose of waste.  

Going green and eco-friendly doesn’t have to be rocket science, but it takes a wise consumer to identify a reliable, eco-friendly company.

Want to shift to green cleaning for your daily office cleaning routine? Contact LUKIS Pte Ltd today for more information on how to avail of our green cleaning service.




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