4 Daily Office Cleaning Habits You Should Adopt

Does your company ensure workplace cleanliness? A clean and conducive office environment will only motivate your employees to work even better. While it is easy to simply hire commercial cleaning services, it is up to you and your employees to help maintain a level of hygiene in the office daily to ensure a conducive work environment. Besides, because of the high traffic and amount of clutter, germs, bacteria, and harmful pollutants will return to dirty your office within days or hours of your cleaning session.

Maintaining cleanliness in your office is not difficult, and a few changes to your company’s rules and regulations or work processes can make a big difference. Here’s what you should do.

Clean up after yourself

It is our responsibility to keep our workstations clean at all times; we can do this by cleaning up after ourselves whenever we’re done using the space. Keeping the workspace clean, especially for companies that use hotdesking, allows other colleagues to work comfortably without having to clean up after the person who used the space before them. 

Maintain a neat and tidy desk at all times by organising your belongings, documents, and stationery in drawers and folders. This way, your desk will appear cleaner, and the chances of your belongings going missing or being damaged will be reduced. When everyone’s desk is clean and clutter-free, it helps to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates. 

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Digitalise as much as possible

Stacks of paper and documents can collect dust and encourage the growth of pests. It is also a waste of resources and harmful to the environment, especially if the papers are left in the drawers after only one use. Instead of printing all of your documents, learn how to convert to digital copies for greater efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. As a result, the company will also spend less money on paper and ink.

Do not eat at your desk

While eating at our desks during lunch or snacking while working is common, it can attract pests to your workstation and cause pest infestation, which is harmful to human health. Instead, have your meals in the pantry and throw away all food packaging and wrappers in the pantry bin.

Manage wires and cords

Wires and cords can also be a source of clutter, and dust can build up around them. If using wireless accessories is not an option, set up a proper cable management system and keep them untangled at all times to avoid them becoming a safety hazard.

What Can The Company Do?

Make cleaning supplies easily accessible

Companies should make basic cleaning supplies accessible to their employees so that they can easily clean up after themselves. Lack of proper equipment will hinder your employees from keeping their workstations clean. They will then accumulate more clutter and dirt in the office and rely heavily on your daily office cleaning services.

Create a cleaning guideline

Not everyone knows how to keep their workstation clean or how to clean up after themselves. To ensure that everyone contributes to keeping the office clean, put up simple cleaning guidelines in different areas of your office to serve as a reminder. This guideline can include simple cleaning instructions such as:

  • Return all used stationery to where they belong

  • Keep your desk clean and tidy at all times

  • Wipe down pantry tables after use with an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth

  • Wash all utensils immediately after use

  • Do not throw food waste or packaging in the bins next to your desk

Engage daily office cleaning services

Your efforts to keep the office clean, while necessary, do not contribute to 100% cleanliness. This is why it is essential for businesses to hire commercial cleaning services to have their offices professionally cleaned. Many cleaning companies also offer daily office cleaning services, which you can use if you need someone to come in and clean your office on a daily basis. These cleaning specialists are well-trained and have the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure that every corner is spotless.

A working professional’s mental and physical wellbeing depends heavily on workplace cleanliness. With the help of daily office cleaning services and by adopting the few habits listed above, you can easily maintain a safe and healthy work environment. 

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